Welcome to the Pilates & Yoga Training Center 
Home of Feel Good Classes

We invite you to experience Pilates, core Yoga and more, classes and private sessions with fully certified instructors who provide individual attention and options appropriate for all levels. 

We would love to help you incorporate wellness, breath, movement, strength, alignment, and balance into your daily life!  Now, we also have online classes and recorded sessions.
Our lovely logo reflects the fundamental elements of what we do 
at the Pilates and Yoga Training Center. 

Our name is encircled by stylized individual lotus petals 
that represent our students and what each one brings to the experiences. 
The name combines two disciplines that share the letter A. 
That intersection expresses the union of the two, 
with common values of strength, flexibility and balance.
Pilates and yoga can offer benefits singularly or in combination.
Pilates, on the horizontal plane, focuses on mat work 
and centers on core strength, stretching and stability.
Yoga, at an angle, emphasizes this ancient yet enduring art that is
based on traditional poses to help develop power, balance and flexibility.

The circle represents energy, harmony, and infinite potential.
​Pilates & Yoga Training Center
Founded 2000

Phone: (817) 360-8268 Email: pamheston@sprintmail.com

​4010 White Settlement Road
Fort Worth, TX 76107