Our Instructors
Pam Heston
Amy has been in the health and fitness business since 1988, graduating from TCU with a master’s degree in exercise science. Her career progressed from teaching at TCU and managing fitness centers to teaching at the Training Center as well as her personal endeavor, Epiphany, which offers personal training, Thai Yoga Bodywork and Yoga.

Amy’s goal is for everyone to enjoy a healthy body and mind, which in turn creates freedom -- a very good thing!

"Whether it’s working out with equipment or on the Yoga mat with the body, I love connecting with a person where they are,” she states. “Encouraging and guiding our clients to a better state of health and fitness, this bodywork is a practice that impacts a life physically, mentally and 

Amy Sims
A professional ballet dancer until her mid-30’s, Pam was first introduced to Pilates after sustaining a dance related injury.  Her interest in Pilates grew when she retired from ballet.  After receiving certification as a Pilates instructor through the Physicalmind Institute, she continued to expand her knowledge by studying Stott Pilates, Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage. 

After teaching for over 20 years, Pam sees Pilates as a tool to develop core strength, which provides the basis for balance and mobility. She utilizes Pilates for rehabilitation and as a complement
to other exercise.  Her goal is to help people learn to move effortlessly through the use of proper body mechanics which can reduce and often eliminate pain.