"I injured my back lifting and carrying several large objects. I had to take pain relievers to just get through the day. I began working with Pam shortly after and I immediately noticed results. Pam taught me to use my core muscles and worked with me to realize exactly what my body needed. She taught me how to stretch and relieve the compression in my spine and muscles. Having pretty severe Scoliosis, she pointed out where my weaknesses were and how I could make improvements to my overall posture that relieved the pain almost immediately. Though it has taken me several months to recuperate, I have learned invaluable lessons and know that my recovery was much shorter than it could have been. I am forever grateful to Pam and the Pilates & Yoga Training Center for helping me recover and am happy to have added Pilates to my regular routine."  -Mindi, age 50

"After being the victim of an airplane accident, I have been practicing Pilates and have noticed increased improvement in my mobility.  Also, just this week it occurred to me that I have not been experiencing Asthma symptoms since starting my practice." -Jerry, age 70

"Having been diagnosed with a Parkinson's like disease last year,​ I started working with Pam to regain some of my strength and balance. After working continually several times a week for several months I was able to get around without depending on a walker much of the time. I have since moved from the area, however, I took with me the lessons learned and continue to work on physical therapy and at home using the exercises I learned from Pam." -Nikki, age 64

“Back pain has always been a problem for me,​ especially around my shoulder blades. I did one targeted session with Pam and leaned that my idea of "shoulders back" was actually CAUSING a lot of my pain! I was pressing my shoulder blades together putting strain on the muscles. Pam helped me retrain myself on good posture and now, even after strenuous physical activity, I don't experience lasting back pain or extreme tension. Literally a huge weight is off my shoulders!" -Tabitha, age 33

"The Training Center has made a significant difference in my attitude toward my fitness regime. I attend both Pilates and Yoga classes throughout the week, along with a private Pilates session.  I feel much more attuned to my body and aware of my strengths and weaknesses. The classes at the Training Center are more than just a workout.  The instructors are talented, fun and encouraging.  As a group, the students all support each other through laughter and friendship. I look forward to each class, and learning from the instructors and enjoying the camaraderie." -Bonnie 

"I've been taking class with Pam and her colleagues at the Training Center for four years. I am stronger, more flexible and slimmer than before, but most importantly, my sense of well-being has improved. Pam's got a great way of explaining how one's musculature works. She's also great at bringing a class full of Pilates folk together to support one another! Great value." -Kathy, age 66

"Pam is nothing short of a magician,​ with her upbeat attitude and excellent skills at leading workouts."  -Bill, age 79 (85 before Pam)

“I came to the Training Center 5 years ago looking for help to relieve persistent thoracic back pain.  I started with private lessons and learned breathing techniques and movements to lengthen my spine and strengthen my core.  My pain was gone after the first few weeks.  I soon joined group Pilates Mat classes and later Yoga classes.  I currently attend two Pilates classes and one Yoga class each week and credit my good health and excellent mobility to these classes.”  -Jackie, age 84

"Pam Heston is the best Pilates teacher I have ever had. I have taken private lessons from Pam for 3 years. She is a wonderful person. She is very knowledgeable. You enjoy every second of working with her. Pam is very patient. She is very careful not to push you beyond your limits. I recommend this studio passionately and enthusiastically." -Emily, age 46​​

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